• The SiS internship is preparatory for your work at the interface of science, technology and society. You learn to independently conduct scientific research, to generate evidence‐based knowledge and report on that in writing and via academic seminars. You learn to cooperate with researchers of various disciplines and about potential career opportunities.
  • Internships can be done at (academic) research institutes, (biotech) companies, (governmental) policy institutes and many more, see this page for examples of previous internship organisations.
  • The content and product of your internship can vary. For example, you can conduct a management analysis, write a policy report, set up a business plan (to be attached to an analytic report), evaluate a process or a program, conduct a feasibility study or assess a tool or a method.
  • Students can find their first job via the internship.
  • The Athena Institute (VU) offers internship through their network. These will be posted on Canvas.
  • It is also possible to conduct your internship abroad. In general, this requires more (academic) independence and organization.
  • The internship period is February-June, 30 EC.
  • All students present their internship during one of the Summer Seminars.
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