Program & Subscription

The Science in Society program contains courses that teach students how to identify, analyze and managing complex societal problems (1st Semester). The program is concluded with an internship in which the student applies the acquired knowledge and skills (2nd Semester).

In the 1st Semester students follow three compulsory courses: Research Methods for Analyzing Complex Problems (6 EC), Analyzing Governmental Policy (6 EC), and Communication, Organization and Management (6 EC). Additionally, the students choose two or three elective courses (12 EC total).

In the 2nd Semester, starting in February, the students follow an internship (30 EC).

See the study guide for a detailed description of each course.


To subscribe for the Major Science in Society, please take the following steps:

1. If you are not a student at the VU yet, please subscribe as a ‘bijvakstudent’ at the VU first. Subscribe at least six weeks before the semester starts. Go to the register form and select ‘bijvakregistratie’. For more information, see the Dutch or English information page.
2. Subscribe for each of your courses individually on VUnet using the course codes in the study programme. Subscribe at least four weeks before the semester starts.

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