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This is the website of students and teachers from Science in Society (SiS). The program is a collaboration between Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Universiteit van Amsterdam. At the UvA this is a Major program, at the VU it is a Societal Specialisation.

The Science in Society program is an innovative trans-disciplinary academic track (60 EC) that prepares students for working as, for instance, consultants, policy-makers, (academic) researchers or entrepreneurs at the interface of science, technology and society. It provides tools and strategies for understanding and approaching complex societal problems related to scientific and technological development, and is open to students from most two-year master programmes at the Faculties of Science of UvA and VU.

Science in Society has welcomed students from MSc programmes such as Biomedical sciences, Health and Life Sciences, Physics & astronomy, Biomedical Technology and Physics, Biology, Chemistry, DDS and many more.

Look here for more information on the courses offered within this track and how to subscribe to the program.

After completing SIS, you earn a regular Master of Science (MSc) degree in your current field, with the program as specialisation.
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